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A myriad of tales on the undead from the author of zombie-comedy, CLASS THREE, and the CLASS FOUR trilogy, to tickle your rotting uvula. Eight stories which take a different look at these reanimated denizens of death: CONTENTS CURE WHAT AILS YA - When a snake oil salesman rolls into the Wild West town of Lobo, both he and the inhabitants are unaware of what is about to crawl out of the desert, hungry for brains. 28 SECONDS LATER - Finally, after years of being subject to official censure, the true story as to why the Eastern Bloc countries boycotted the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, is revealed. RED SABRE ONE - An SAS team are tasked with extracting a high value target from their world famous home. SENSELESS APPRENTICE - Step inside the mind of one of the undead, unable to do anything but watch on as his body acts on primal instinct. DEAD DROP - A novella following a courier in the apocalypse. Ceepher's motto is simple; never look inside the package, and always be on time. His latest delivery will put both on the line. CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME - Whilst out collecting for H.O.A.R.D. (Helping Orphans Affected by the Reanimation Disease), Sadie stumbles upon a middle age couple, who seem to have survived the apocalypse with their pristine house intact. GONE FISHIN' - Bored, a son pleads with his dad to tell him, again, how his parents got summers day on the lake. WHACKOS - After 'Reclamation', a radio host and his sound engineer, follow a clean up team, as they confront the after-effects of the zombie apocalypse. All of these stories are unpublished and have never seen the light of day before. A mix of humour, brutality and over-the-top mayhem, which Duncan P. Bradshaw is becoming famed for. Pick it up, and shamble inside some unique takes on the zombie genre. 'Bradshaw is obviously such a huge zombie fan himself, none of what his creatures do would seem out of place in one of the classic George Romero films such as Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead.' - The Rotting Zombie 'It's not easy coming up with an original zombie theme and Bradshaw incorporated an element which sets it aside from all the rest.' - Horror Palace 'I thought she was one of the survivors I hadn't met yet, thought my luck was in, our little sanctuary had been breached and this little stunner had come to me to be her white knight. I'd carry her off on the back of a mighty stallion, towards a horizon framed by the setting sun, to a cottage with fresh crisp bed linen and chilled champagne. No. Aside from the lack of equine transportation, and the fact that with all the fires, the only chance you'd get to see the sunset would be if you were on the International Space Station. She wasn't there for my understated looks, she was there to sink her teeth into my neck.' - SENSELESS APPRENTICE There's also a little bonus story...which will be explored further, in a brand new novel, released in 2017.

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