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Playing the Princess (eBook, ePUB)
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When the mysterious Princess Antonia is hit on the head during a coach robbery and forced to recuperate at the nearby estate of Ross Benedict, Earl of Tyndall, he sees a golden opportunity to woo and win her, thus restoring his family´s flagging fortunes. There´s just one little problem: She´s really Tabitha Rowan, poor relation of the departed royal. But when everyone around her believes she´s a princess who´s lost her memory, how can she resist playing the part—for now? Long treated as an outcast by her own kin, Tabitha revels in her temporary role, matching wits with the dashing earl and being embraced by his mother and sister, who have suffered years of censure from so-called polite society. But as hearts and souls surrender to desire, and the charade becomes a burden instead of a lark, Tabitha faces a dangerous dilemma—will her newfound family, especially Ross, still love and accept her when they learn her scandalous secret?

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